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Non-degree Enrollment Application

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Personal Information
Emergency Information

In case of emergency, indicate the person you request the school to contact.

Citizenship Information

(Copy of resident alien card or visa type must be submitted with your application: must be valid through term of entry)

The ethnicity and race questions have been modified as required by the Federal Office of Management and Budget in the Federal Register Notice October, 1997.

Please answer both questions.

If "No," you are not eligible to attend FAU.

If your answer to either of the following is "yes," you must submit a full explanatory statement on a separate sheet attached to this form. The University will undertake to expeditiously review your request for enrollment; however, you may not register until the review is complete. False or incomplete responses will result in a disciplinary action, cancellation of registration or invalidation of credits earned. If any box is checked "YES," additional documentation and/or further consideration by the Admissions Review Board may be required.

Social Security Number Collection and Usage

FAU's Policy on the collection and usage of Social Security Number is available at:

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